Established in 2014.

The Gelato Store was and idea of an Italian Company, that decided to export in Florida all the tradition and passion that is so well known in Italy.
In order to do this the project started by brining most of the furniture, tiles and machines all the way to Clearwater. After 7 months of hard work and long hours, everything was ready and the doors opened.
The idea was to serve high quality products, and the key word is freshness. The Gelato is handmade fresh by an Italian Artisan. All the Gelato is made with high quality products. Then there is also fruit sorbet, which is dairy free and made mostly with fruit.
Crepes are available both sweet and salty, so you can enjoy both stuff like prosciutto and mozzarella or Nutella and Fruit.
Coffee is grinded on the moment to preserve freshness and quality of the beans.
What else to say..we did our best to bring passion over here. Come and try it out!

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