The Artisan Gelato is a mix of art, culture and passion, handed down from generation to generation for centuries. And the secrets are not many! The selection of the ingredients. They need to be fresh and high quality as the tradition imposes. Or like the actual production of the Gelato! It has to follow rules and recipes that have roots as old as the Ancient Romans! Chosen specially because it has certain qualities, fresh milk is the pillar of the Artisan Gelato. Once it was milked daily and boiled to make it safe. Nowadays the milk, bought fresh is pasteurized bringing back to life a custom now lost!
Once all the ingredients are blended together by expert hands, there’s nothing left to do but whisk everything and put it in the display case! Now that you now the secrets of the culture of Gelato, you don’t need to go to Italy to eat a good bowl… we brought it here for you!




The famous crepe that made the world go crazy has in addition to an incredible reputation also an ancient origin that would sink her roots in the Middle Ages.The legend says that the first crepe was born when Pope Gelasius ,in order to feed a large number of  French pilgrims who  came to Rome, ordered to the Vatican chefs to put together a significant amount of eggs and flour. Everything was cooked on large cast-iron hot plates thus creating the first crepe. Legends aside, we can say that milk (nutritious and valuable item) was often replaced by water or wine in the Middle Ages and that the modern recipe, which uses mainly wheat flour, was born probably around the 19th century. The crêpe was in fact a symbol of friendship and alliance, and therefore represented a gift always very welcome; also, it was the dish of the Feast of Candlemas (February 2nd), and according to tradition, when the crêpe was turned into the pan, you could make a wish. For Galas,Crepe is a binomial of tradition made with local products and performed at the time,so give to all our customers the chance to enjoy the unique flavors of the Italian tradition such as raw ham or mozzarella nostrana combined with the most famous Parmesan cheese or served with the unmistakable sweet cream Nutella and fresh fruit making a break a moment of pleasure for the palate.

Buon appetito!



Did you know that the first Café of all Europe, was born in Piazza San Marco, in Venice? It’s there that the tradition of the Espresso started , and then it expanded to every region until getting to our families. The real Espresso though, as everything, has some rules. First of all it has to be drunk while it’s hot, right after it has been made exactly for you (here is the origin of the name “Espresso”, which means “made-to-order”). Second, it must be drunk at the counter or sitting at the table. The joy of the Espresso has to be shared with a friend, during a pause, and not during the frenetic life of work. That is the reason why we decided that some coffee can only be ordered while sitting at the table. We believe it’s a healthy tradition, and we don’t want it to be forgotten! Third, the coffee has to be good. Ernesto Illy thought that a good Espresso was “The only beverage that after you drink it, it leaves you with a good taste for over 30 minutes!”

Now that you know the rules of how to enjoy a real Espresso, you just need to try one to find all this 

culture and tradition…in a little cup!

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