We are presently located in Downtown Clearwater, at floor level under the Water’s Edge condominium, right in Downtown!
The reason why we chose to open our first store in this Area is because we believe in Downtown Clearwater. The recently renovated Capitol Theatre is just across the street, and the Harbor View Center, with the amazing story of Winter, is two steps away. For this reasons we wanted to give our contribution to this town, and we decided to do so by opening a very clean, traditional store!
We saw in this location a big opportunity and we didn’t want to waste it. So, after more than 7 months of hard work, imported Italian furniture and some more hard work…we finally managed to open!
After all the time that we spent inside this store building it and working in it, we feel really proud and happy of what we managed to come up with.
And for those who wonder, there is a big parking lot right next to us, the one in front of the City Hall! So this way, even on rainy days, you can come and enjoy our delicious treats!
In fact, there’s not much left to say but welcome in!

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