Gala's Reward Cards Terms



Galantini Sapori LLC

United States of America (whole National Territory)

From August 8th, 2014 until August 8th, 2015.
Tacitly renewable unless requested by the holder of the
Reward Card.
Course this period Gala's will be entitled to change to the

Terms of delivery of the Reward Card:
Approximately one (1) week, through electronic mail.
Gala's won't answer in case the email supplied by the holder
is incorrect or incomplete or not active.

The Reward Card Gala's has been created to reward the clients
(now on referred as Holders) who often shop at Gala's, in order to
offer them at personalized service and keep them updated with all the
promotional initiatives that shall be of interested to them.

The purpose is the creation of a Program based on points that are earned
by the holders. With these Points it's possible to obtain products present
in Gala's Stores. The list of products available and the equivalent number of points necessary is present  at this page.
Besides, with this Program are associated different benefits for the Holders of the Gala's Reward Card, which will be comunicated by Gala's.

Conditions of adherence:
May enroll individuals who are at least 16 years old, present in the United States of America. It's possible to enroll at Gala's Website and applying explicitely for the Reward Card.

The participation  to this Program is governed by this Regulation, to which the client gives his consent and full acceptance. These conditions may be modified or voided by Gala's anytime, with adequate prior notice. This Regulation is available on the website

In case of termination of the Program and prior comunication to the Reward Card Holders, all the accumulated points and the acquired benefits could be revoked, but the acquired rewards.

At the moment of the enrollment, the client will receive one Reward Card which will allow him to earn points
and benefit from the advantages of the Program.

Each client can be holder of only one (1) Reward Card.

Gala's Reward Card:
The Gala's Reward Card stays property of Gala's, being the Holder just depositary. It is not a method of payment. It's valid in every Gala's store that join the Reward Card program, for the whole Period of the Program. It's free, personal and non-trasferable.

Gala's reserves the right to ask the client for an ID.

Lost or Ruined cards:
The Holder shall notify the loss or deterioration of the Gala's Reward Card (if he requested the plastic card) at any Gala's Store that joined the Reward Card Program.

Point Collection:
The Gala's Reward Card allows the Holder to obtain points per each dollar of expenditure, which number depends on the value of the acquired product.

Points are generated by each purchase of any product present inside Gala's store (as long as they joined the Reward Card Program). The purchases made with promotional coupons, which are not cumulative, don't give the right to collect point and do not generate points.

Points, personal and non-transferable, will not be converted to cash.

Points will be accumulated on the basis of the Program in Force in each Gala's Store that joined
the Reward Card Program.

If the Holder shall find any mistake in the calculation of his points, he can file a complaint.
Gala's will provide a remidy of the mistake as soon as the Holder proved his right.
Gala's can subtract points to a Holder if there was a mistake.

In order to mantain valid his points, the Holder must make at least one purchase within 12 months. Course this period of time, his account will be reset to zero.

In order to maintain valid his Reward Card, the Holder must make at least one purchase within 2 years. Course this period, his Reward Card and his information data will be erased from the system.

In case of cancellation to benefit from NewsLetter, or receiving Coupons, the Reward Card will be voided and this will cause the loss of all the points and the cancellation from the Database.

Gala's Reward Card is free.

The holder can receive solely to his email address, privileged informations, both commercial and promotional nature. In case of variation of email address, the Holder can communicate that to his usual Gala's store (that joined the Reward Card Program) or he can change it directy on the website

Cessation of partecipation to the Program

The partecipation to the Program will cease in these cases:
- Upon request from the Holder, anytime.
- If the Holder doesn't make a purchase for a maximum period of 5 years.
- If the program is definitively terminated.
- If the Holder requests the cancellation from receiving  coupons or newsletter.



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